Killus - New Army Without Fear

Alternative Metal, Industrial

スペイン産インダストリアル系バンド Killus の2011年リリースアルバム Never Something Was So Real から New Army Without Fear の紹介です。

Never Something Was So Real


  1. New Army Without Fear
  2. Wake Up
  3. Vehemence
  4. Way To Desperation
  5. Killus
  6. Never Something Was So Real
  7. The Laberynth’s Door
  8. The Path Of The Forgotten
  9. Living To Die
  10. World’s Disease
  11. Temple Of Love
  12. Inside
  13. Walls Stained Red
  14. Everything Ends
  15. Falling From The Sky

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Killus | Spain | Alternative Metal | Industrial

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